LYS goes online!

Sep 1, 2016 | Misc.

LYS goes online – after all this time it is hardly to believe! After four long years, after all these journeys, after all these efforts and joys we had in the North, it is finally happening. The last six months have really been turbulent: Finalising on all fronts. The multivision show – our visual concert – has been get off the ground, proofs have been printed, fonts compared, texts rounded off, the trailer has been filmed and cut, photographs and videos newly developed, logos have been tested, an exhibition planned, and at the same time this homepage constructed (a very big thank you to Marc Hesse at this point!). There was always something new to consider, something to improve or to be exchanged. It felt like a bottomless pit. But slowly we see the light at the end of the tunnel, soon we will have made it. And now we are of course very excited to hold the result in our hands – finally. 😀