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LYS – An Intimate Journey to the North

RUNNING TIME about 45min
contains an MP4-file in FULL HD 1920×1080

Sandra Bartocha | Photography & Video
Werner Bollmann | Photography
Torsten Harder | Music & Sound design

Holm Heinke | Saxophone and Flute
Andreas Wibecke-Gottstein | Nyckelharpa
Torsten Harder | Cello, E-Cello, Cello Chrotta, Waldzither, Piano, Synthesizer

Sandra Bartocha | Editing & Programming

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LYS – An Intimate Journey to the North the multivision show on DVD!

Of course including the classics from the coffee-table book, with yet unpublished material, but especially offering enchanting video footage, adding a completely new dimension to our journey to the North: polar lights dancing above the snow-covered tundra, swarms of midges buzzing in warm evening light, gentle rain falling on a calm forest lake and mist rising over the autumnal taiga.

The renowned musician and composer Torsten Harder managed it perfectly to accompany our epic idea of the north in a congenial way. Along with his colleagues Holm Heinke and Andreas Wibecke-Gottstein he transformed our journey into a Nordic symphony: the mystic of the deep forests, the dramatic power of the sea, calm skerries, bright summer meadows and noble glaciers – music and images take the viewer along into the fascinating world of the high latitudes. An audio-visual experience, inviting to take a break from the hectic pace of daily life, a chance to immerse oneself into the stillness and vastness of the north.

Running time ca. 45min, format 16:9 PAL DVD | ENHANCED DVD | FULL HD 1920×1080

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