LYS – Städtische Galerie Iserlohn

Feb 19, 2019 | Exhibitions

Since Friday 15th February 2019, our exhibition LYS – Eine Hommage an das Licht des Nordens is presented at the Städtische Galerie Iserlohn. Already during our first visit, we were deeply impressed by the elegant gallery rooms in the Von Scheiblersche Haus, a historic 18th-century town villa, where the Städtische Galerie is located. You didn’t need much fantasy to imagine how LYS would look there.

After our great success at the Stadtmuseum Schleswig, we were, of course, curious to see how the public in Central Germany would perceive our Nordic theme. Well, the feedback from around 150 visitors to the vernissage was extremely positive: many compliments, stimulating conversations, and interesting questions showed us that our idea from the north was also very well received in Iserlohn. And the next day’s guided tour was attended by so many visitors that, despite the size of the rooms, it was sometimes difficult for everyone to have a look at the pictures discussed. All in all, a successful prelude for a beautiful exhibition in a perfect ambiance …

The exhibition will be on display in Iserlohn until 7th April, before moving on to the Naturkundemuseum Reutlingen, where the opening will take place on 17th May.

Many thanks to the companies Hahnemühle and HALBE-Rahmen for their continued support for the exhibition.