LYS – The first major exhibition

Dec 16, 2017 | Exhibitions

13th December 2017, 6 p.m., silence prevailed in the rooms of the Stadtmuseum Schleswig. All lamps aligned, all images and text plates hung perfectly at their place and the both of us looked at each other wordlessly: It was done! The next evening the opening would take place …

To cut a long story short, our exhibition became a great success giving the Stadtmuseum Schleswig a new record attendance. Much more than 5.000 visitors attended in the course of the exhibition’s duration, the print media related across the country and the NDR TV station broadcasted a very nice feature about us and our project.

But it was the most beautiful experience to listen to the personal comments of the visitors when guiding a tour through our exhibition: statements like “you really managed to transport the feelings when being in the north” or “your images awake such a longing for the north” gave us the good feeling that our efforts in the run-up had been worth it. For sure the effect of an exhibition is quite different from that of a coffee-table book. And for us, it had always been important to grasp the essence of the Nordic landscapes and to convey a feeling for their “soul”. How nice to see we have succeeded with that in our first exhibition …

In the course of time, we have received many inquiries as to whether LYS – Eine Hommage an das Licht des Nordens would also be shown further south in Germany. And we have good news for the fans of the High Latitudes in Central and Southern Germany: from 16 February to 07 April 2019 our exhibition (even extended by several exhibits) will be on display at the Städtische Galerie Iserlohn, and from 18 May to 14 July 2019 at the Naturkundemuseum Reutlingen. We are looking forward to it.

Many thanks to the companies Hahnemühle and HALBE-Rahmen for their continued support for the exhibition.